Waldorf – An Education for Today’s World

Perhaps you™re a new parent, looking at schools for the first time, or perhaps you™re looking for a change in the way your child is educated.   Either way, consider Waldorf education.   Look no further than Rogers Park for one of the most highly respected schools in the Waldorf movement.

Waldorf is the largest independent school movement in the world, now with over 870 schools worldwide, and growing.   The Waldorf curriculum is based on the teachings of Austrian Philosopher and Educator Rudolf Steiner (1861 “ 1825). Steiner™s philosophy called œanthroposophy, holds that human beings are spiritual beings, and thus deserve respect as embodiment of their spirituality.   In the Waldorf classroom, this philosophy is carried out as the teachers strive to develop the student™s innate talents and abilities. The Waldorf teacher instills in the students an understanding of their place in the world, not only as members of a specific place or ethnic group.

The first time you enter a Waldorf classroom, you may be struck by the sheer enthusiasm of the students.   You may notice that each and every one of them seems to love being there.   The teachers are indeed dedicated to fostering an inner enthusiasm in each child.   They do this by making each subject œcome alive with story telling and motivating artwork. You may notice the walls, which are often painted with soft colors and artwork done by the students.   Virtually every subject in the curriculum is woven with art.   At Waldorf, media of all kinds is strongly discouraged, while play is strongly encouraged.   Respect for nature is instilled, and creativity is cultivated.

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