urban gardeningIn my earlier post I mentioned that we are planning to create an inviting urban garden in our front yard of our town house in Ravenswood. We want a patio with space for a table and four chairs, for reading, dining, and entertaining. And room for a small grill.   We met with Patch Landscaping as well as Greenlawn, both local landscapers/designers. They presented several options for the space. There were many good ideas, including several we had not thought of that will make the space feel a bit more private. The quotes came in higher than we expected.

We decided to take on the planting of shrubs and perennials ourselves, to shave 25% off the cost of the project. This weekend, my husband Keith installed the three foundation plantings that include three boxwood shrubs.   We will hire the landscapers to install the patio, as the installation is a little more complicated than digging out the dirt and putting in bricks. After the excavation, a layer of crushed limestone must be installed before the pavers. The cost estimates are running approximately $2,000 for a 10’ x 12’ patio. We are a bit disappointed to learn that the earliest date available for the installation is one month out, and that is if we make the decision soon. Our next step is to request color photos or samples for the pavers. And since we want a patio that is curved, rather than a rectangle, we will ask them to come back and show us the proposed shape of the patio, using the garden hose for the outline.  Will write more once we decide on pavers and have the final meeting.

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