Urban Gardening in Andersonville, Chicago

peonyAh… yes, spring comes early to the lakefront neighborhood of Andersonville in Chicago. The daffodils are already blooming in some areas, and the tulips are at least showing their green. Reminds me that I need to tend to my urban gardens to prepare them for a show in the summer. It’s time to cut down all the dead stuff from last year, rake it out, spread some mushroom mulch. Chicago Botanic Gardens has an April checklist of steps to prepare your gardens.

Time to get those clay pots out of the garage and plant them with spring annuals that can tolerate alternating cold and warmth. And then there are the perennials. I love how Kelly describes the charm of perennials. They come back every year, even if you don’t remember where you planted them.

And then there’s the lawn furniture and barbeques. Time to dust off the table and chairs, get out the cushions, and give that barbeque grill a wire brushing. And don’t forget to invite me to that garden party.

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