before photo of urban gardenI’m thinking about urban landscaping at our Ravenswood home in Chicago.  Hoping for a paver patio and some ever-greens for our mini yard in front of our townhouse.  The gift of a wrought iron garden table and chairs motivates me to do something creative with the space.  And I know that landscaping will add value when we sell.  So I called a few local landscapers, including Greenlawn, Patch, and Kemora.  They will be over next week to take a look and give me some ideas.  We have the beginnings of a rain garden already, and I am looking forward to their ideas about how to raise the grade to avoid the puddle in winter, and install a paver patio and some green shrubs.  Am looking forward to grilling, picking fresh herbs and having dinner with Keith on our new patio.  Am including a “before” photo, and will post again as I have progress to report.  Can’t wait to add to the beauty of our Ravenswood town house community in Chicago.

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