Are you or a family member planning to sell the family home?  It can be a confusing and complex process, especially in today’s market.    

The home sale process is best approached with an organized plan and schedule. An experienced realtor can work with you to create a plan and timetable.

Here are another key question to consider.

Do we need to make repairs and updates in order to sell?  How far should we take this?

In many cases, a thinning out of clutter, organizing, carpet cleaning and fresh paint will go a long way toward making the home attractive to buyers, thus increasing value.  According to the National Association of Realtors, painting provides the best return on investment that you can make in a home.  In addition, basic repairs are called for when there are items that are broken in the home. For in many cases, in today’s market the future buyer’s lender will require that the home be in safe, move in condition in order to provide a new mortgage.

Who can help us prepare the home for sale?

If the elder is still in the home, a team of sensitive service people is important.  Carpet cleaners, painters and in some cases, professional organizers, packers and stagers can be valuable resource.

If the home is vacant and the family doesn’t live close by, having a realtor with a network of trusted service providers is important.    Our Directory of Services includes the names of service people recommended by clients in the past.

What if the home doesn’t sell?

Accurate pricing, and adequate preparation of the home, skilled marketing and negotiations are key to achieving a sale.  However, if the home does not sell, in some cases the family may consider putting the home up for rent.  Most realtors can handle the rental of your property.

How Do We Get Started?

Call the Move with Maggie Team.  As an experienced realtor we have  a network of service people can help you pricing the home, prepare it for sale, and present it to the market in a way that will cause it to sell.

Maggie Finegan, ABR, Move with Maggie Chicago Real Estate Team

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