Image courtesy of Clipart Panda

Image courtesy of Clipart Panda

The buyer, seller or investor are the principal players in the orchestra.  At times I lead them by speeding them up to make an offer quickly in a seller’s market where there aren’t enough homes for sale.  Other times I have to slow sellers down, such as during negotiations with a buyer, when we need to play the tune slowly, in order to maximize the value on the property.

Other principal players in the orchestra are the mortgage lender, the attorney and the inspector. I choose the players in those seats very carefully, as they can make or break a sale.  Every player has to have an overall knowledge of the points of the transaction, and a sense of timing, to know when to get in and when to cut out.

At times, players have to play other instruments, in order for the harmony to occur.  My role and responsibility as real estate professional is to select and recommend the best players for buyers and sellers, and keep all of the players in harmony.  When there are stops and starts, players sometimes have to compensate for one another.

When the players are in harmony, and the pacing is perfect, it is one sound, that is clear and strong, and the sale goes smoothly.  And if we stay in touch, there is an opportunity for an encore that takes the form of a referral to another buyer or seller.

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