What are people saying about top Chicago realtor Margaret Finegan?
Past clients – both buyers and sellers – as well as other real estate professionals share some of their successful experiences with Margaret Finegan.  Her reputation as a class act is spreading through her market area.  Maggie has established trust and continues to build relationships with her clientele.

Eleanor Pieri, Portage Park
Maggie works to ensure that the client is prepared and ready to sell their house.  Her prep work identified areas that needed to be cleaned up and cleared out.  She is committed to marketing your house for the best price.  Selling a family home brings many personal issues.  Maggie was always willing to listen and provide feedback when necessary.  In these real estate trying times, she kept at it.  An overall wonderful realtor and now a friend.

Robert Filler, Professor Emeritus, Illinois Institute of Technology
When we decided to sell our townhouse and move to the Breakers of Edgewater Beach, a senior community in Chicago, we sought advice in choosing an effective real estate agent.  Maggie Finegan of Keller Wiliams came highly recommended.  We have found Maggie to be an outstanding agent because she is well informed, imaginative, proactive and realistic about the price to sell.  Moreover, we especially appreciated her sensitivity to our needs.  We commend Maggie Finegan to you in the highest terms.  She is a winner.

Pamela Miller, Andersonville
I highly recommend Maggie Finegan as the best real estate agent that anyone could ever have the great fortune to work with.  Her services to me during the process of selling my property were absolutely invaluable.  Maggie provided to me not only straight real estate agent services but also assistance with the many other aspects of selling a property which would have completely overwhelmed me to accomplish myself.  Maggie also provided the empathy and encouragement which I desperately needed to get me through this very stressful process, which is part of a total life change for me.  Without her, I never could have arrived at the point of selling my property and being able to move on to the next stage of my life.  Maggie Finegan is truly fulfilling her calling in life by helping people navigate through one of life’s more stressful situations with a perfect combination of intelligence, efficiency and genuine caring.

Suzanne Meyering
Maggie is a trusted agent and she also recognizes the value that other professionals bring, so she has assembled a cadre of people that her clients can trust.  She is persistent, tenacious, knowledgeable and diplomatic.  Even in a slower market, she can access buyers and sellers.  Her extensive connections in the community will help to weather the ups and downs that other agents can’t.  She has done a steady volume of business in a variety of markets and can advise her buyers and sellers on how to succeed.  She builds long-term relationships and is constantly expanding her pool of buyers and sellers.

Catherine Mallers, Edgewater
My experience working with Maggie Finegan has been wonderful.  There is no room for misunderstanding because her communication skills are excellent.  I’ve found that when dealing with Maggie she is fair, concise, informative and wants to reach a win-win in every scenario.  Her ability to explain what is happening in the market is very clear and extremely knowledgeable not only about the market but the impact of the current trends on the market.  She is able to help people come to a realistic view especially when pricing their home so that they have realistic expectations.  She is very passionate about getting her buyers the home of their dreams and getting her sellers a fair price for their home.  She works to educate her clients as opposed to preach to them.  The amount of marketing is far greater than any other realtor I’ve met.  She is extremely well versed in internet capabilities and utilizing those tools for selling your home.

Martha Damerell, Andersonville
I am most impressed with Maggie’s thorough knowledge of your target area.  Maggie’s knowledge of financing, taxes, etc., while expected, is so FAST and accurate with the calculations.  Most if not all of your clients become your friends.  Maggie’s concern and interest in her clients is genuine, worrying more about her clients’ happiness and not if a commission is going away.  Maggie’s participation in neighborhood events and issues shows she is not just there to take something out of the community but to improve it.  All of her clients get the same attention and consideration regardless of the type of home they are buying or selling.

Phill Solomonson, Uptown
Maggie Finegan provided me with exceptional service and consultation in selling my condo.  Her recommendations for preparing the space for showing, her research of the current market and neighborhood, her insight with my listing price and her professional approach was invaluable.  Forthright and honest, I knew I could count on valuable feedback that made the difference in selling in a timely manner.  My property sold in four days of listing and closed within 30 days.  Furthermore, Maggie plugged me in with professionals that not only assured no problems with the closing but resources that will help me get to the next level of real estate investing.

Stephen and Heidi Huff, Batavia
We contracted with Maggie Finegan to sell our condominium in Chicago.  From start to finish, she did an outstanding job.  She ws helpful and informative in helping us arrive at a selling price for our home.  Maggie aggressively marketed our condo to the real estate community and to individuals.  The level of communication was excellent.  She kept us up to date on progress and was always quick to return phone calls.  In the end, she sold our condo at a price that we were more than happy with.  We would gladly recommend Maggie to anyone interested in making a real estate move.

Mary Jane Matz, Lincoln Square
Maggie went above and beyond anything I would have expected in an agent and as a person.  Her level of professionalism and attention to detail with an eye to selling my condo was exceptional.  She provided an awesome “Virtual Tour,” a custom website built for my property with web address and sign on the lawn along with a consistently cheerful and confident demeanor.

Melissa and Tim Goldenman, Andersonville
Maggie knows what to do and she does it right!  Her negotiating skills are worthy of a diplomat!  We worked with other agents before her but Maggie is truly a master of her trade.  We achieved our goals in a very complex balance of sale and purchase of two homes because of her expertise.  Maggie’s excellent negotiation skills helped assure that we received top dollar on our sale.  She also helped negotiate the purchase of our new home so we could really afford a home with the amount of space that we need to support our growing family.

Maggie was courteous, considerate, knowledgeable and very energetic.  She was always available and made sure that we were kept informed of every showing and went over every detail considering the advantages and disadvantages for both the sale and the buy.  She was calm and unemotional when we were not.  By constantly keeping an objective outlook on the project, she was extremely effective.

Barbara Sims, Rogers Park
Maggie Finegan was the sale agent for my condominium.  This particular sale was difficult for many reasons not the least being the layout of the unit and the lack of parking.  Maggie persevered.  She was always open to suggestions and never got discouraged.  Her upbeat manner and professionalism continued throughout the time it took to sell my condo.  In addition, Maggie has an innate ability to communicate with others and portrays a positive attitude at all times.  I highly recommend Maggie as a realtor.

Randall Ramey, North Riverside
I chose to hire Maggie as my real estate broker for my home due to her enthusiasm, innovative marketing ideas and the value added services she agreed to perform in conjunction with the sale of my home.  I made the right decision in hiring Maggie to sell my home as noted in the services she actually performed and the value she added to the sales price of my home.  Most importantly, the net sales price I received for my home after paying the real estate commission was greater than any other home in the area advertised through other brokers, even “Assist to Sell.”  In addition, although Maggie does not generally sell homes in my suburb, she did her homework and was able to sell my home for a greater price than most other homes in my suburb, including homes sold in my suburb by local realtors!  It was obvious that Maggie’s performance and results in seling my home were outstanding!

Mary and Vladimir Romancek, Lombard
Maggie worked with us every step of the way to sell our mother’s home.  It was a challenging sale as the home had not been updated in years and was not in the most desirable area of town.  She kept us up to date with weekly activity reports of any showings and negotiated on our behalf so that we walked away with a nice check.

Pamela Hartman, Broker, Rubloff in Chicago
Working with Maggie on the sale of the condo at 1645 W. Addison was one of the most pleasant experiences in my twelve years as a realtor.

Charles Kadlec, Wheaton
Maggie Finegan demonstrated the highest level of professional service in the sale of our six-unit apartment building.  She encouraged us to list our building for a higher price than we expected and sold it for 106% over asking price.  Maggie told us about the 1031 Exchange, an IRS-approved program that helped us defer $80,000 in capital gains tax on the sale of our property.  She also moved quickly in assembling and submitting our bid on the purchase of our new townhouse, so we were able to avoid a bidding war with other buyers.

Chicago Real Estate Team