Overcrowded Rogers Park and Edgewater Schools Get Redistricted

On February 13, parents gathered at the Broadway Armory to hear plans to alleviate   overcrowding in some Far North schools.   CPS Demographic Planners proposed a plan that would balance out student numbers, as well as move district boundaries. The schools that would be affected are Clinton School in Albany Park, which would send 24 students to Hayt School in Edgewater, while 10 students would leave Hayt to go to Kilmer School in Rogers Park, and 53 students would move from Hayt to Clinton School.    

Alderman Mary Ann Smith called Broadway the dividing line, and proposed expanding Pierce™s boundaries from Granville to Foster, and Clark to Broadway.   This would allow block clubs and classmates to stay together.   The redrawn districts will increase safety as well, as the students will not have to cross busy streets to get to school.

Abbie Meyers, CPS Demographic Planner, said the office would consider Smith™s recommendations for redistricting.   If Pierce Elementary School™s expanded boundaries work as planned, the school could see as many as 200 new students next fall.   Alderman Smith said that no family will be forced to change schools if they are happy where they are.  

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