I had the pleasure of touring five luxury homes in the historic Lakewood Balmoral neighborhood in Edgewater, Chicago recently. I love the area as much today as when I first laid eyes on it in 1986.

Edgewater was one of the first transit oriented communities, developed in 1885 by J. L Cochrane. Plans for Edgewater included its own train stops for steam powered locomotives. At the time, there were 33 trains daily between Edgewater and Union Station in Chicago. Today Edgewater is served by five el stations.

I think it’s really cool that what Cochrane envisioned as a suburb of single family homes, is now part of Chicago, and is an oasis of green surrounded by smaller two and three unit buildings like 5251 N Glenwood and larger apartment buildings, or even high rises as you go east to the lakefront.

The community was amazed at how beautifully the owners preserved vintage features of their turn of the century homes adding green features, and luxurious kitchens and bathrooms.

The tour of homes also included 5526 North Lakewood and was hosted by architect Tom Greene of Greene & Proppe design. The owners in renovating the kitchen incorporated green features such as glass walls and glass faced cabinets to bring in light. The home overlooks lovely landscaped gardens of drought tolerant plants, and the use of turf is minimized. So take a walk thru Lakewood Balmoral in Edgewater in Chicago to see for yourself.

Maggie Finegan, ABR, Move with Maggie Chicago Real Estate Team