Have you considered the advantage of biodynamic farming in raising and cultivating house plants? The technique is not just effective in growing common agricultural crops. Whatever kind of plant, be it ornamental or vegetable, biodynamic farming is not only useful but also fiscally responsible. The use of earthworms in helping make the soil richer and more fertile for planting is one effective strategy. Thus, vermiculture technology is of great help.Vermiculture worms are the best fertilizers for potted house plants. Those small, crawling creatures, which have been disgusting many people since time immemorial, are actually very helpful when it comes to keeping good health and spurring the growth of plants. You’ll also have significant savings from being your own horticulturist.

The use of earthworms for cultivation and maintenance of house plants can be traced back to ancient history. In ancient Egypt, earthworms were used to boost productivity and fertility of food-producing soil, especially near the Nile River, which is noted in history as the cradle and site of early agricultural civilization. From Egypt, the use of earthworms as soil fertilizers spread quickly to Europe and eventually to the rest of the Western civilizations.

The use of earthworms for potted plants or house plants is a very clear example of how local ecology could benefit from the introduction of foreign species or organisms. Did you know that in North America, earthworms were not thriving abundantly until potted plants with earthworms and vermiculture worms were shipped from Europe? A little bit of trivia: Most native earthworms in the region died from the onset of the last Ice Age, about 70,000 years ago.

The US Department of Agriculture has also been coming out with studies about house plants and earthworms. Several findings indicate that presence of earthworm castings in potted house plants is a factor necessary for productivity and optimal growth of such plants. Research commissioned by the agency have been highlighting improved growth of house plants if alive or even dead earthworms are added to the potted soil.

Whether your house plants are raised as ornaments or part of your plant collections, earthworms added to the soil would be sustain and help growth. You can opt to buy soil already beefed up with numerous worms or you could buy vermiculture worms from specialty agriculture shops. You need not be scared or disgusted by the presence of earthworms in your potted house plants. Not to worry, the worms won’t leap from the pots. Earthworms are sensitive organisms and are not very tolerant of too much light, less humidity, lack of moisture and inexistence of soil.

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