Getting Your Home Ready for Spring

With the Spring market just around the corner (the market in Chicago begins officially in late January) you may be thinking of sprucing up your home to get it ready for sale, or simply for your own enjoyment. More than ever it is really important to make your home look good. Buyers today watch all the home makeover shows so they have a critical eye and high standards when looking at your home, especially its general appearance, finishes and updates. And if you are lucky enough to attract buyers to your home, you don™t want them walking away thinking the home needs too much work.

Start by decluttering the tops of your tables, desks, counters, dressers. Then put a fresh coat of paint on the walls-nothing brings you a greater return on investment than paint.   Add a few nice new pillows to the sofa and shams for the beds.   Clean out your closets so they are no more than ½ full. Make sure your kitchen and bathrooms are sparkly clean, and there is no mildew or missing grout around the tub.   Remove those refrigerator magnets and while you are at it, be sure that your oven and refrigerator are clean, wipe the fronts of your kitchen cabinets and declutter them. Take a look at your carpets and floors,  give them a good cleaning and remove any spots.  If the spots don™t come out, replace the flooring. Finally, walk out your front door, down the hall or street, and turn around and walk back to ward your home. Is it inviting?   Put out a fresh welcome mat, be sure the door is freshly painted or cleaned.

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