Thinking about going green at home, but having trouble picturing how?   Then don™t miss Smart Home:   Green + Wired at Chicago™s Museum of Science and Industry. Described as Chicago™s Greenest Home, the Smart Home is an actual home built on the Museum™s property, and its more than just bamboo floors and compact florescent light bulbs. You will get ideas that you can implement right away, such as landscaping and vegetable garden techniques, to larger projects such as the green roof and photovoltaic cells on the roof to capture solar energy. To see the schedule of workshops, visit Smart Home  for programs times and locations.   From bamboo floors to accordion folding glass walls that completely open up the space to fresh air, to solar photovoltaic film on the roof, this home has it all.  

If you want to see a local green home being built in the South Andersonville/Ravenswood neighborhood, drive by 1773 Ainslie (at the corner of Ravenswood and Ainslie Avenues), and see for yourself. It is a zero net energy house that utilized geothermal technology, solar panels, and smart landscaping. You can read about it at Green Home Chicago.    

Another tip:   Start  monitoring your monthly electric usage at ComEd or at Energy Star™s Home Energy Saver.

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