Earlier this week as I walked you through Chicago’s Million Dollar Green Home, I was pleased to find that there are two festivals coming to Chicago dedicated to the green lifestyle, the Green Music Festival in West Town on August 15-16 and Carbon Day in Lincoln Park on September 15.   Stay tuned to hear more about Carbon Day as the time approaches.

This weekend West Town Chicago Chamber of Commerce will be hosting the first ever Green Music Festival showcasing the City of Chicago Department of Environment’s Chicago Center for Green Technology, who is sponsoring the green section of the event.

As you arrive and park at the free bike valet on Noble Street, you’ll hear an amazing list of local artists programmed by Subterranean.   Long known for its familiarity with cutting-edge talent like Liquid Soul and Pfunkadelics, Subterranean has once again shown their skill at bringing in artists we can all enjoy.

The event itself pays homage to the green lifestyle.   The Green Energy Team will monitor and separate all trash recyclables, while Crowley Engineering will be providing smash cans for non-recyclable materials.   Verizon Wireless, through its HopeLine phone recycling program, will collect your old cell phones to be donated as cash grants, airtime and wireless phones for non-profit domestic violence agencies.

As you nibble the local faire offered on eco-friendly plates or biodegradable plastic plates, remember that there are items strictly prohibited at this event.   You won’t see anyone toting a petroleum-based plastic bottle, Styrofoam containers, non-compostable plastic items or “virgin” paper items.  Since bottled water is HUGE no-no, local company Green Planet Bottling has donated a significant amount of their product which is 100% recyclable, requires 65% less energy to make and is comprised of plant based materials (as opposed to petroleum).

Not only will this inaugural event be partially fueled by biodiesel, but it will also demonstrate the need for non-petroleum based fuel products.   With a shortage of biodiesel available in Chicago, sponsors are hoping to raise awareness and bring more of this product to the Chicagoland area.

Local businesses, restaurants and clubs located around Eckhart Park have acquired a sidewalk sale permit and include such names as Swim Café, Noble Grape, Green Zebra, Architrouve Gallery, among others.

Even if you don’t plan to attend both days, investing in a $20 two day pass will offset the cost of the event as well as go toward funds to be put back into the local community.     Let’s all give a little green to get a whole lot of green.

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