Chicago Neighborhood Edgewater on the Move

Have you driven through Edgewater lately and seen all the new  happenings such as the retail establishments like Uncommon Ground Restaurant, and Salon Echo Spa?   What about the new construction at locations like The Granville, Catalpa Gardens, 6124 Broadway?   Did you know that Nookies Restaurant will open on Bryn Mawr in 2008?   These are among the success stories of the Edgewater Development Corporation, working with the resources and grants of the City™s Tax Incremental Funding (TIF) and Small Business Improvement Funds (SBIF).

Do you know an Edgewater entrepreneur, retailer, developer or property manager who is thinking of expanding or improving their real estate and needs financial or technical assistance?    And did you know that most of Edgewater™s commercial strips and some residential developments are eligible for the grants, as they are located in Tax Incremental Funding districts or meet the guidelines of the SBIF program? Grants are for local businesses, commercial development and residential developments.

I met with the dynamic and talented Adam Burck, EDC™s Executive Director, to find out how this all happens.   He clarified that the mission of the non profit Edgewater Development Corporation (EDC), is to redevelop the commercial resources of Edgewater to better serve the community.  EDC staff and its volunteer board and committees work to attract new business and help shape the new real estate developments in the area.   They also work with other local organizations, developers and elected officials to help them understand the needs and goals of the Edgewater community.

For more information about these programs, contact Adam Burck at 773 506-4016, or email him at  If you are interested in a site visit for your business in Edgewater, please contact Maggie Finegan’s Team at 773 502-1673.

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