Historic Chicago Bungalow Initiative

chicago bungalow

Chicago is known for its rich architectural history and unique history.  One of these architectural styles, the Bungalow, manifests itself in 80,000 homes throughout Chicago’s neighborhoods.  Built as the city expanded in the early part of the 20th century, these homes consist of one third of the city’s single family homes and are supported by the Historic Chicago Bungalow Initiative (HCBI).

Several areas have been designated as Historic Districts within the city.  They include (in no particular order):  Falconer Bungalow District, Historic Chicago Bungalow Thematic District, Rogers Park Manor District, Schorsch Irving Park Garden District, South Park Manor District, Wrightwood Bungalow District and North Mayfair Bungalow District.  In these areas, any individual property is rarely significant however, taken as a whole, they are significant to the history and landscape of its area.

The HCBI was launched in September 2000 by Mayor Richard Daley as a way to assist bungalow owners with the challenges of owning an historic home while also fostering an appreciation of this architectural style which is so very representative of Chicago’s roots.  The Initiative is administered by the non-profit organization, Historic Chicago Bungalow Association.  The Association offers many financial incentives and benefits and you must first certify your bungalow with the Association to tap into these resources.

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