Andersonville Fast Becoming the Heart of New Antique Style

Andersonville has a history of being a destination for great food, Swedish culture and the alternative lifestyle.   Now, Andersonville is taking another step as a destination for antiques and new decor.

At Scout, an urban antique store in Andersonville, shopkeeper Larry Vodak sees many customers who are searching for “the right” piece of furniture or decor for their new home.   Utilizing Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, people are learning it’s about more than just going out and quickly buying furniture to put the house together.   Once people surround themselves with things they love and that reflect them, it instantly changes them (no longer “a mess”).

Interior designers would agree, and so, apparently do more and more residents of Chicago’s North Side.   Now that people are no longer looking for the “cookie-cutter” home, they are also seeking out pieces that reflect their personality.   Andersonville store owners have definitely taken note.

Design professionals throughout Chicago are deeming Andersonville as a new destination for those who are looking for those unique or rare peices to complement their personality and tastes.   There are a range of styles which include Asian, contemporary, southwestern, classic American antiques, Moroccan and modern European.

Decorating your home can be a great journey toward self-awareness and establishing your own style, Vodak said.   “If you live in Chicago, there’s an urbane sensibility to figure out what you like and what makes you special and then fulfill that.”

Adapted from Well Magazine, Fall 2007

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