A Safer Andersonville in Chicago?

Want to help make Andersonville even safer?  Do your part by taking advantage of two programs sponsored by the Andersonville South Neighbors and CAPS.   CAPS is handing our hand out Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs to be used in porch light fixtures of your home, so neighbors can afford to keep their porch lights on all night, helping make our streets and our homes brighter and safer.   The bulbs are meant to be left on all night, and are more economical than incandescent bulbs.

CAPS is also planning to hand out free adhesive address numbers for residents to attach on the alley side of their homes and properties.   Will assist police in responding to calls when they can™t locate addresses from the alleys.   Visit the ASNA website  for details.  

Excerpted from Chris Bayard article in Andersonville South Neighborhood Association newsletter.

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